We will be offering four different age appropriate classrooms and we will be actively asking for Volunteers to assist in the classroom to give teachers opportunities to join the congregation for Sunday Service or to simply have a Sunday off. If you are interested in volunteering visit our contact page or give us a call. Volunteers will be required to complete a background check. If you are interested in assisting with providing supplies, please contact us and we will let you know of our classroom needs. The classrooms that we will be providing spiritual learning opportunities for are as follows: Hatchlings Birth to 24 months: (Infants to Early Toddlers) We currently do not offer these services on Sunday mornings for this age group. They are welcome to attend the Nestlings class with a parent pending a background check. Nestlings 2-5 years old: (Toddlers to Pre K) This classroom focuses on community building and activity compliance. The lessons offer gross motor movement, craft activities and fun! Fledglings 6-10 years old: (School-agers) This classroom focuses on individual spiritual development. The lessons offer abstract thought development and dynamic creative expression through lessons that promote free thinking. Owlets 11-14 years old (Uniteens) This classroom, also known as Uniteens, focuses on discussing decisions making using spiritual faculties. The lesson offers open-ending thinking and teen-led discussion guided by Uniteen Sponsors. This age group is eligible to attend Spring and Fall Uniteen Retreats hosted by the Eastern Region. Birds of Pray 15-18 years old (Y.O.U) This classroom, also known as (YOU) Youth of Unity, focuses on discussing life choices in a judgement free group. The lessons are teen driven and Sponsors are supportive to the teens as they explore spiritual concepts in an open platform. This age group is eligible to attend Spring and Fall YOU Rallies as well as Leadership Training and Mid-Winter Rally hosted by the Eastern Region. After two Rallies have been attended they are also eligible to run for Regional Office. We look forward to working with your children as they evolve and transform our Program to a more multi-generational interactive experience! Thank you to everyone that continues to support our YFM Program throughout the year!