When we Pray – From the Minister’s Desk

When we Pray – From the Minister’s Desk

Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking about those times when we pray and don’t seem to get results.  Sometimes it seems like the answer to our prayer is ‘no’.  When that seems to be true we must not forget that prayer is more than speaking words.  When we are faced with a dilemma or a personal challenge there are four things we must do:

  1. Stop thinking about the material world or particular people. Thinking about money, physical lack, or personalities only keeps us in Materialistic consciousness.
  2. Think of the perfection of the Almighty. Think only of the Divine’s perfect life, perfect health, perfect abundance, perfect order, perfect peace, perfect joy and perfect love.
  3. Do not allow yourself to think that the Christ Presence will not act. Wondering if Divine Love will answer our prayers is to think of God as unwilling to give us all-good.  It is the business of Our Creator to take perfect care of all creation (which includes us).  Divine Mind is in no way imperfect and therefore cannot imperfectly do its job.  The only reason we do not get the results is that we do not expect the results.  We doubt that Spirit will act because of materialistic opinions… (go back to step 1) or because we are not accepting the perfection of Beingness… (go back to step 2).
  4. Realize that Holy Spirit acts in many ways and be open to every opportunity for growth. There are infinite possibilities everywhere present for Absolute-Good to come to you.  Some of those opportunities require you to do some physical work.  Expecting Jehovah to answer your need also includes a willingness to do the work required.

Much Love,
Rev. Diane

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