Unity of NEPA our theme for 2018

Unity of NEPA our theme for 2018

2018 – Your year of Promise!

2018 – Your year of Possibilities!

2018 – Your year of Potential!

2018 – Your year of Opportunities!

2018 – Your year of Over-comings!

2018 – Your year for Oneness!

Here at Unity of NEPA our theme for 2018 is “Discovering, Developing, and Expressing the Twelve Powers within you”.  Ever since Charles Fillmore defined the 12 powers (one for each of the disciples of Jesus or one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel) metaphysicians have worked hard to embody the teaching. 

Dividing God into parts is always a challenge, but if we develop our twelve faculties one at a time we discover God expressing in marvelous ways in our lives.

Do come the very first Sunday in January as we take the entire service (and a little bit more) to view the Twelve Powers Movie… then join us each month as we delve into the attributes of each of the powers and work on demonstrating them in our lives.

Rev. Diane

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