Most Important of the 12 Powers

Most Important of the 12 Powers

Our Twelve Powers year has just begun and the question was asked, “Which one is the most important?”  Not a bad question, but all the powers are important for their own unique reasons.

Faith is needed during those times when we’re feeling at a loss as to what to do, how to help, what to say, how to be supportive, how to care.

Strength is important on those days when we’re hanging in there in spite of appearances.  When the situation we find ourselves in seems impossible; but we know that God is still is the situation… then we need strength.

Love is needed when it is hard to be forgiving and kind to individuals who seem to be out to hurt and cause conflict.

Wisdom is important during those odd times in life when the peaceful comfort of meditative prayer seems to be elusive.

Power is needed when we’re working on a specific goal and we need to use our words to focus our energies in a particular direction.  When we don’t want to get side-tracked and need to stay focused – we need power.

Imagination is absolutely invaluable when we’re feeling stale and stuck and old ways of doing things aren’t working as well as they used to.  Staying stuck means that we need to imagine something new and better.

Understanding answers the question “Why me, Lord?”.  When we’re doing something and think we’re doing it right; but we’re not sure just why it feels the way it feels – we need understanding.

The need for will comes when we’re butting up against roadblocks.  In those times of battling up stream against the current, we need to ask the questions: “Am I willfully doing it my way?”  and “Am I willing for it to be easier by following Divine guidance?”.  And then we need to affirm God’s perfect Divine Will is being done in our lives.

Order needs to be seen when there seems to be too much to do and too little time to do it in.  Lack of order allows chaos to manifest itself.  Order keeps things flowing in gentle, peaceful, graceful ways.

Enthusiasm is a power that brings joy into our lives.  When we feel bored or exhausted with everyday efforts – there is a need for enthusiasm.

Release (renunciation, purity, letting go) needs to be expressed when clutter seems to be winning in our lives.  Mental or physical clutter clogs our lives and keeps good from flowing freely into our experience.

And Life is more than just physical healing energy – it is when the quality of living is less than perfect.  When we feel drained and lost and lonely and exhausted and worn out- praying for life, energy, vim, vitality is important.

It takes all twelve to express as the perfect Christ being that we are intended to be.  So this year we are taking the time to focus on each one, learning about them and opening our minds to the truth of the Christ presence within.

Much Love,

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