From the Ministers Desk July/Aug

From the Ministers Desk July/Aug

Dear Friends,

Ours is a ministry of support, and love, and encouragement.  We know that God is with each and every one.  Whenever you want or need prayer support please call and let us know.

When we pray with you our thoughts will be thoughts of peace of mind and heart.  We broadcast a message of truth, light and love as we remind your spirit to be comforted.

We know that you are never alone, you are never without help; there is nothing to fear.  God is with you right where you are.  At any given moment you are in the presence of God.

We understand that you can meet and overcome every challenge, there is nothing for you to fear.  You can take the steps that are necessary to bring yourself the results you so earnestly desire. God’s light is shining steadily on your path revealing the way to your highest good.

We give thanks that your fears of the moment are temporary; you are realizing that there is nothing to fear.  You can rise up and out of any kind of limitation with God’s help.  You can be free, and well, and happy.  You can be all that you long to be.

Love and Blessings,
Rev. Diane

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